id verification

a guide to verifying the account holder's identity

The HMRC rules and regulations that govern our industry means that we must verify the identity of every mailbox Account Holder,  just to make sure that you are not an internationally wanted evil mastermind,  bent on the overthrow of the global banking network!   :o)

UK driving licence as ID for a canalpost mailbox account

for uk residents of 'no fixed abode'

inc. liveaboard and canal boaters without a fixed postal address

Being 'of no fixed abode' does not mean living in a cardboard box or shop doorway!   It just means that you have no permanent,  fixed,  postal address.   At current estimates,  around 35,000 people in the UK live permanently aboard canal boats,  barges or cruisers,  and over a million more in static caravans and motorhomes,  all of whom are classified as of no fixed abode.

photo id

As a UK citizen,  at least one photographic proof of identity is required from the list below:
i)  Passport photo page
ii)  UK driving licence photo card
iii)  Any Government issued photo ID card

a previous uk address

If you have two photo forms of photo ID,  they will usually be enough to reach the required ID 'score'.   However,  as a backstop,  please also include a previous UK address under 'residential address',  even if it was 10 years ago!

plus a photo of yourself

A simple 'selfie' confirms that the documents being submitted are those of the Account Holder!

image standards

Images,  whether scans or photographs,  should follow these simple rules.

1:   The whole of the document must be shown within the image.  It should not be cropped or cut-off in any way.

2:   The image must be in full colour,  clear and in focus,  with no obscured areas,  marks or reflections that prevent any part of the document from being read.  It may help in this regard to turn off the flash on your phone!

3:   The 'selfie' of the account holder should be full face and taken without a hat or sunglasses.   And don't worry about having a bad hair day,  the world will never see it!  :o)

4:   Images must not have been edited or digitally altered in any way.

don't worry!

We know that there is no such thing as an average customer,  circumstances are different for everyone and especially so when you may have been on the cut for several years,  which is why we don't insist on proof of address!

Expost is a simple mail handler,  and this limited role allows us the freedom to interpret HMRC rules on ID Verification,  and the flexibility to do whatever is legally possible to make the process easier for you.  If you need help,  please ask,  we almost can always find a solution.

ID processing usually takes less than 2 hours during the working week  ( Monday to Friday ).   Once verified,  the status of your account will automatically change to 'Active' and both the mail forwarding and scanning options will become available in your control panel.   Please note that you must verify your identity within seven days of registration to avoid the account being temporarily suspended.