scan & send

when you just must have that letter today!

If you are constantly cruising and have no fixed point of contact for forwarding,  or just must have the contents of that important letter today,  Scan & Send is perfect for you!

Please note:   By selecting Scan & Send you are giving us explicit instruction and permission to open your mail.

to always scan your mail

Set the standing instructions in your account control panel to 'Open & scan all mail on arrival'.   Whilst this option is active,  all letter mail being delivered to your mailbox is opened and the first  (or most relevant)  page scanned and sent instantly to your email address.

We hate spending your money!   That is why we only scan a single page of a letter initially.   We know from experience,  and your feedback,  that nine times out of ten,  this is all you'll ever need.   If you then decide that want the rest of the letter's content scanned,  simply email support with the scan reference.   Normal scanning rates apply and no surcharge is payable to process additional pages.

to scan an individual item

If you have several letters in your mailbox,  but only need a specific item scanning,  please contact Support with as accurate a description of the letter as possible.   If the mailroom are able to identify it with confidence,  they will process a Scan for you,  but a word of caution.   Without opening mail there is little chance of ascertaining the sender,  especially so for official letters,  which are deliberately anonymised to help prevent identity theft,  and the search may result in a manual handling surcharge.

Our mailroom continues to build a database of the most common PO Box return addresses used by banks,  building societies and national organisations such as Vodafone,  Virgin & the DWP,  but this list is by no means exhaustive and is constantly evolving.

destroying mail

Once an item is scanned,  it is automatically resealed and returned to your secure mailbox,  where it becomes subject to your normal mail forwarding preferences.   If your account is set to 'Hold',  your mail will be stored securely,  free of charge.

18 years of experience has taught us that this area can be a minefield,  so we cannot destroy any individual item,  or items,  of mail.   You can,  however,  request that the entire contents of your mailbox be destroyed by emailing this instruction to

Timescales & Method:   All unforwarded mail  (including previously scanned items)  that remain in a 'Closed' mailbox will be archived securely for a further 90 days after the account expiry date before being destroyed.   Letter mail will then be cross shredding,  unopened,  and incinerated as bio-mass fuel.   Non-paper items may be opened to ensure that a safe,  legal and ecologically compatible destruction method is employed.